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Yellow Belt Kicks

Belt Requirements > Beginning Levels > Yellow Belt

At this point in the students training they have learned a total of 13 Kicks.

Hachikyu - 8th Kyu
Yellow Belt

In Yellow Belt there are: 11 kicks and 2 kick combinations. These kicks will be used throughout the belt levels, and form the foundation for all of the kicks.

1. Front Snap Kick <Front and Back leg
2. Front Thrust Kick <Front and Back leg
3. Wheel Kick <Front and Back leg
4. Side Snap Kick <Front and Side
5. Side Thrust Kick <Front and Side
6. Back Thrust Kick
7. Snapping Back Kick
8. Crossing Back Kick
9. Front Kick/Back Kick Combination
10. Front Kick/Side Thrust Kick Combination
11. Knee Front
12. Knee Wheel
13. Drop Knee

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