1st Brown Techniques - Georgia Kenpo Jujutsu

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Ikkyu - 1st Kyu
1st Degree Brown Belt


This is the last of the intermediate levels and the highest of the Brown Belts. The next step is Shodan. The time requirement for Ikkyu, 1st Degree Brown Belt, varies from person to person, since each person advances at their own rate and are tested individually.

Ikkyu, 1st Degree Brown Belt, consists of 30 Self Defense Techniques and 20 Variations.

At this point in the students training they have learned 393 Self Defense Techniques and Variations.
Technique Name
1. Legions of Ming (AB)
Right kick/Right punch
2. Fish Hook
Right/Left punch
3. The Sickle
Right punch
4. The Dagger (AB)
Right punch
5. Mantis
Right or left punch from right side
6. Whirling Mantis
Right/Left or Left/Right punch
7. Sticks of Satin (AB)
Overhead club
8. Diving Hawk
9. Advancing Hammers
Right punch
10. Sweeping Arm Hook
Two hand push from the front
11. Snapping Twig
Straight on shoulder grab
12. Breaking the Yoke
Right punch
13. Prayer of Death
Defense against a kick from a down knee position
14. Buckling Branch
Right step/Right punch
15. Circling the Pagoda (ABC)
Right punch
16. The Thistle
17. Reversing Wind (AB CD)
Right punch
18. Double Swords
Side club attack
19. Twisting Staves (AB)
Double wrist grabs from both sides
20. Guiding the Staff
Right punch
21. Cyclone
Left punch
22. Double Spear (ABCD)
Left punch
23. Crossing Swords
Left punch
24. Whirling Thorn
Overhead knife
25. The Wedge (ABC)
Two hand choke from the front
26. Slashing Cougar
Left punch
27. Twisting Knee (ABC)
Double shoulder grabs from both sides
28. Double Asp (ABCD)
Left/Right punch
29. Oriental Lever (AB)
Right roundhouse punch
30. Parting the Reeds
Two hand push from the front
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