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4th Degree Black Belt


Yodan, 4th Degree Black Belt, is the fourth black belt rank in Kenpo karate and all Japanese martial arts. The rank is always awarded as Yodan/Yondan by a Kenpo karate Yudansha.

Yodan, 4th Degree Black Belt, consists of 30 Self Defense Techniques and 2 Variations.

At this point in the students training they have learned 569 Self Defense Techniques and Variations.

The Yodan, 4th Degree Black Belt, test will consist of all techniques Yellow thru 4th Black Belt and all Katas Orange thru 4th Black will be done.

The student should demonstrate to the judges that they are truly ready for this rank by their power and proficiency in the Techniques and Katas.

The time required to attain Yodan is approximately 9 years of training after receiving Shodan, 1st Degree Black Belt. Students have been studying and/or teaching for approximately 15 or 16 years to achieve the Yodan Rank. This time frame is approximate and denotes continuous training.

Technique Names
1. Moment of Truth
2. Sound of Thunder
Right punch
3. Path of the Leopard
Left punch
4. Crane Wings
Right punch
5. Wings of the Hawk
Left punch
6. Swords of China
Right punch
7. Coiled Hands
Left grab to your right shoulder
8. Stalking Tiger
Right punch
9. Double Mace
Right punch
10. The Wheel
Right punch
11. The Panther Strikes
Right punh
12. The Iron Palm
Right/Left punch
13. Floating Hands
Right/Left punch
14. Twin Cobras
Man on each shoulder
15. Japanese Cross
Man on each shoulder
16. Broken Wing
Shoulder grab from the side
17. Hurricane (AB)
Offensive movement
18. Chinese Phoenix
Shoulder grab and punch
19. Spear of Vengeance
Shoulder grab and punch
20. Arc of Steel
Overhead knife
21. Shield of Iron (AB)
Right punch/Left punch
22. Kung Fu Shield (AB)
Right punch/Left hook
23. The Steel Circle
Knife thrust
24. Knife of Vengeance
Knife thrust
25. Dying Wind
Right punch from 3:00
26. Stick of Truth
Overhead club
27. Morning Thunder
Right punch
28. Three Tongues of Fire (AB)
Right punch
29. Steel Enemy
Knife thrust
30. Riding the Staff
Left punch
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