Green Belt Katas - Georgia Kenpo Jujutsu

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Yonkyu - 4th Kyu
Green Belt


The Long 3 Kata is a Technique Kata. All the Techniques in the Kata are done on both sides.

The first and second sections of the Bookset Kata can be done as a breathing exercise and Dynamic Tension. These should only be practiced by advanced students after they have mastered the set. This particular aspect should not be taught to beginning students because of the length of time required to do it right. Teach it at the high Brown Belt level or even better, at the Black Belt Level.

At this point in the students training they have learned 7 Katas.

Long 3 Kata

Section  1 <2 Headed Serpent
Section  2 <Reversing Grasp
Section  3 <2 Headed Serpent
Section  4 <Reversing Grasp
Section  5 <Circling Elbows
Section  6 <Reaching for the Moon
Section  7 <Circling Elbows
Section  8 <Reaching for the Moon
Section  9 <Strike down/up/elbow strikes back/across/clear
Section 10 <Flashing Daggers
Section 11 <Bending the Limb
Section 12 <Wrap Arounds
Section 13 <Crossing Talon
Section 14 <Crouching Falcon
Section 15 <Darting Serpent
Section 16 <Silk Wind
Section 17 <Heel Hook
Section 18 <Spreading the Leaves
Section 19 <Crossing the Lock
Section 20 <Close


Section  1 <Long arm movements, both sides
Section  2 <2 hand pushes right/left side
Section  3 <Blocks & punches to the sides
Section  4 <Wide horse punch section
Section  5 <Punch/Heel Palm/Push
Section  6 <High punch
Section  7 <Smother blocks/Hammer Fist strikes
Section  8 <Turning the handle (A)
Section  9 < Hook block/5 Reverse Punches
Section 10 <Fu Jows
Section 11 <Reverse Bow/Butterfly Strikes to Full Bow
Section 12 < Left/Right Cat Stance, claw/Forearm
Section 13 <Turning the Handle (B)/kick/punch/step punch
Section 14 <4 Corners/High Block/Vertical Punch
Section 15 <Cross arms/double downward Backfist
Section 16 <High Block/Uppercut section
Section 17 <Smother/Smother/Reverse Punch stepping back
Section 18 <Back Fist/Reverse Punch section
Section 19 <Chinese Swings
Section 20 <Close

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