3rd Brown Techniques - Georgia Kenpo Jujutsu

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Sankyu - 3rd Kyu
3rd Degree Brown Belt


Sankyu, 3rd Degree Brown Belt, consists of 30 Self Defense Techniques and 24 Variations.

At this point in the students training they have learned 296 Self Defense Techniques and Variations.

The 3rd Degree Brown Belt Test will also include all techniques and basics taught in Yellow Belt thru 3rd Degree Brown Belt and all Katas taught in Orange Belt thru 3rd Degree Brown Belt. This is the first test where all the material learned is tested together.

This is the beginning of the intermediate levels and the time required for testing for Sankyu, 3rd Degree Brown Belt, varies from person to person, since each person advances at their own rate and is tested individually. The time required for test preparation and review is approximately 20 to 30 weeks. This review & test is needed for the student.

Technique Name
1. Spinning Hammers
Right punch from 9:00
2. Dance of Death (AB)
Right punch
3. Leap of Death
Right punch
4. Miss of the Leap (ABCD)
Right punch
5. Eagle Claw (ABC)
Right punch from 3:00
6. Catching the Flame
Gun attack
7. Foot Rake
Offensive movement; opponent on the ground facing down
8. Sleeper (AB)
Right punch
9. Startled Cat (AB)
Overhead club or right punch
10. Manchurian Takedown
Right grab to your left shoulder
11. Shaolin Warrior (ABC)
Right punch
12. Springing Tiger
Right punch
13. Raking the Ground
Offensive movement opponent on the ground on his back
14. Slicing Knee
Offensive kick against a boxer's lead left leg forward
15. Turning the Rod
Right punch from 3:00
16. Eagle's Talons
Bearhug from the front arms are pinned
17. Crossing Darts
18. Bending the Staff
Right punch
19. Dropping the Staff
Right punch
20. The Escape
Right punch
21. Uncovering the Flame (AB)
22. Opening the Fan (AB)
Right punch
23. Double Blades (ABCD)
Roundhouse club
24. Clawing Panther
Right punch
25. Spear of Jade (ABC)
Left/right or Right/left punch
26. 3 Winds Claw (ABCD)
Left/right punch
27. 3 Winds Fist (ABCD)
Left/right punch
28. Chinese Cobra
Right/left punch
29. The Phoenix
Opponent's right grab to your left shoulder
30. Retreating Phoenixs (AB)
Opponent's left grab to your right shoulder
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