Orange Belt Basics - Georgia Kenpo Jujutsu

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Shichikyu - 7th Kyu
Orange Belt


The basics taught in Shichikyu, Orange Belt, are the foundatuon to the system and will be used in every belt level.


At this point in the students training and after they have completed the requirements for this belt they have learned 11 Stances.

1. Reverse Bow <With strike
2. Twist Stance
3. Soft Bow <With strike
4. Crane Stance
5. Heel/Toe Horse Stance


At this point in the students training they have learned 15 Blocks.

1. Windmill Parry
2. Cross Hand Block <Variation 1 (high), Variation 2 (low)
3. Sword Hand Block
4. Double Brush Parry
5. Push Block
6. Inside Wrist Block
7. Outside Wrist Block


At this point in the students training they have learned 24 Strikes/Punches

1. Ridgehand Strike
2. Dart
3. Hammerfist
4. Slicing Backhand
5. Full Fist
6. Side Fist
7. Lunge Punch
8. Eagle's Beak
9. Tigers Claw
10. Heel Claw
11. Uppercut
12. Tigers Jaw
13. Thumb Strike
14. Wrist Strike


All kicks should be preformed on both sides and when possible should be performed both with the front leg and rear leg.

In Shichikyu, Orange Belt, there are 16 kicks and 4 kick combinations.

At this point in the students training they have learned 27 Kicks and 6 Kick Combinations for a total of 33 Kicks.

1. Canted Side Kick
2. Crossing Side Kick
3. Sliding Wheel Kick <Groin kick
4. Heel Hook Kick <Front & rear leg
5. Thrusting Heel Kick <Front & rear leg
6. Jump Front Snap Kick
7. Shuffle Heel Hook Kick
8. Shuffle Front Snap Kick
9. Shuffle Side Thrust Kick
10. Shuffle Side Snap Kick
11. Shuffle Snapping Back Kick
12. Shuffle Thrusting Back Kick
13. Shuffle Wheel Kick
14. Spinning Back Kick
15. Wheel Kick/Heel Hook Kick <Front & rear leg
16. Heel Hook Kick/Wheel Kick <Front & rear leg
17. Front Kick/Wheel Kick <Front & rear leg
18. Front/Back/Side/Wheel Kick
19. Driving Knee
20. Knife Edge Kick

Break Falls

Break Falls are critical in Martial Arts as well as life.

At this poing in the students training they have learned 2 Break Falls.

1. Forward Break Fall
2. Rearward Break Fall

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