Blue Belt Techniques - Georgia Kenpo Jujutsu

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Gokyu - 5th Kyu
Blue Belt


Blue Belt, consists of 30 Self Defense Techniques and 13 Variations.

At This point in the students training they have learned 193 Self Defense Techniques and Variations.

The time requirement for Gokyu, Blue Belt, varies from person to person, since each person advances at their own rate and is tested individually.

Technique Name
1. Turning the Handle (AB)
Left punch
2. Bridging the Gap
Two hand push or grab low
3. Advancing Phoenix (AB)
Left grab to your right shoulder/right punch
4. 2 Headed Serpent
Two hand choke from the front
5. Reversing Grasp (ABC)
Straight on wrist grab
6. Reaching for the Moon (AB)
(A) Left grab to your right shoulder
(B) Right grab to your left shoulder
7. Flashing Daggers (AB)
Two hand push from the front
8. Bending the Limb
Straight on wrist grab
9. Wrap Arounds (ABCD)
(AB) Single shoulder grab from the side
(CD) Shoulder grab from both sides
10. Crouching Falcon
Two hand push from the front
11. Darting Serpent (ABC)
(AB) Two hand push from the front
(C) Kata Version
12. Silk Wind
Interlocked arms from behind
13. Spreading the Leaves
Full Nelson
14. Crossing the Lock
Double wrist grab from the front
15. Darkness
Right punch from 3:00
16. Spinning from the Sun
Overhead club
17. Folding Wings
Shoulder grab from 3:00/9:00
18. Vise
Right punch
19. Swinging Gate
Two hand grab from the front
20. Stretching the Bow
Right Punch
21. Arcing Blades (AB)
(A) Right punch
(B) Left punch
22. Circle of China
Defense against a kick from a down knee position
23. Silent Escape (AB)
24. Returning Viper
Counter kick
25. Returning Thunder
Counter kick
26. The Serpent
Right kick
27. Tiger's Mouth
Left step/Right hook punch
28. Circling Serpent
Right punch
29. Chinese "L" Choke
Two hand choke from behind
30. 5 Swords
Right punch
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