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In 2013 I was introduced to Grandmaster Munk when I was searching for a new Kenpo Instructor.

In our initial meeting Master Munk took the time to get to know me as a person and then wanted to understand my goals in regards to Kenpo. We discussed my previous training and he assured me he would get me back on track to continue my Kenpo training. Master Munk discussed his views on Kenpo, reviewed the structure of the training classes, and the requirements for advancing through the Kenpo system with the ultimate goal of achieving the highest standard, 1st Degree Black Belt.

In my first training class I was very apprehensive in demonstrating my ability to perform. Master Munk reviewed the techniques and katas from my most recent promotion, Green Belt. Master Munk's feedback was positive, however it was apparent to him that I lacked the knowledge of the basics which are the foundation of the Kenpo System. While I was somewhat disappointed, I knew I was with the right instructor and my Kenpo training would begin on a whole new level.

As my training continued with Master Munk I quickly recognized he genuinely cares about his students, and can see their potential. Master Munk could have started my training at Yellow Belt, however he chose to begin my training at 3rd Degree Brown Belt. He routinely reviewed tweaked the basic, techniques, and Katas from the lower belts up through and during my preparation for my 1st Degree Black Belt test. His encouragement, patience, and persistence made me want to train even harder.

I am very proud to say on August 8, 2018 I was promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt. As a 58 year old wife, mother, and grandmother this achievement is beyond what I ever thought I could accomplish. Master Munk believed in me and my ability to attain this most difficult and challenging rank.

Master Munk it has been an honor having you as my instructor and I look forward to my future training with you in the Kenpo System

Thank you Grandmaster Munk!

Debbie Collier, Shodan - Kenpo 2018

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