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Gary Avery
(9th Degree Black Belt)

One of Grand Master Tracy's early Black Belts and the Instructor who Promoted
Pat Munk to Shodan

Mr. Avery wrestled in high school and college, and started karate in his junior year in high school at a Korean Karate School because his friends Jim Stewart and Roger Greene were taking karate there. He then went into the military and served in Vietnam and worked out with many Korean Marines.

When Mr. Avery came home he started studying Kenpo Karate under Jim Stewart who had by then affiliated with Tracy's Kenpo, and had his own studios. Mr. Avery received his Shodan from Mr. Stewart. Mr. Avery often went to the Tracy's Studio in San Jose, California and worked out with their students. These visits caused him to appreciate the style of Tracy's Kenpo.

Tracy's always had an attitude that if it works use it, and we started adopting techniques from several styles. Our system was dynamic and grew and grew. It didn't make any difference whether it was a boxing technique, Korean, or Chinese Kenpo, if it worked we used it. The Kenpo system added a wide variety of grab arts which the Korean system that I had studied lacked.

After having to close his studio in Louisville, Kentucky because of economics at the time. Mr. Avery got involved in and successfully taught kick boxing in Vacaville, California, where he train and worked with many Champion Kick Boxers. Mr. Avery always opened up his studio to anyone who wanted to train or work out and he took on all comers.

Mr. Avery has spent most of his time after closing his studio climbing up the government promotional ladder and has not been involved in Martial Arts on a large scale. When he retires he will probably open up a small studio, because as he says, I just like to teach.

Mr. Avery always prided himself as being one to the best instructors and the quality of student he put out had always justified his opinions concerning his ability to teach.

Karate taught me a lot about life and many of the principles I have continued to use over and over again throughout my life.

Mr. Avery was promoted to Hachidan 8th Degree Black Belt by Grand Master Al Tracy at the Last Man Standing Seminars.

Mr. Avery was promoted to Kudan 9th Degree Black Belt by the Tracys Senior Advisory Council.

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