Purple Belt Katas - Georgia Kenpo Jujutsu

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Rokkyu - 6th Kyu
Purple Belt


Both of the Katas taught in Rokkyu, Purple Belt, are Basic Katas. They both are the Foundation for all of the Katas to come as well as the Techniques.

At this point in the students training they have learned 3 Katas.

Long 1

Section  1 <Inwards
Section  2 <Inward/Outwards
Section  3 <Inward/Upwards
Section  4 <Downwards
Section  5 <Triple Inwards
Section  6 <Triple Inward/Outwards
Section  7 <Triple Inward/Upwards
Section  8 <Triple Downwards
Section  9 <3 Inside Wrist Blocks
Section 10 <3 Outside Wrist Blocks
Section 11 <3 Push Blocks
Section 12 <Right/Left Reverse Punches 12:00
Section 13 <Right/Left Punches 10:30/1:30
Section 14 <Right/Left Punches 9:00/3:00
Section 15 <Right/Left Uppercut Punches 12:00
Section 16 <Finish

Short 2

Section 1 <Inward Block, Sword Hand, transition Cat Stance
Section 2 <Vertical Outward block, punch, transition Cat Stance
Section 3 <Lowering the Gate, transition Cat Stance
Section 4 <Down Block, step, Heel Palm Strike, Cover, transition Cat Stance
Section 5 <Inward Block, Upward Block, Half Fist Strike
Section 6 <Finish

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