Blue Belt Basics - Georgia Kenpo Jujutsu

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Gokyu - 5th Kyu
Blue Belt



At this point in the students training they have learned 24 Blocks.

1. Bent Wrist Block
2. Crane Beak Blocks
3. Forearm Block <Fish Hook


At this point in the students training they have learned 44 Stirkes/Punches

1. Chinese Swings
2. Rising Punch
3. Butterfly Strikes
4. Step Through Punch
5. Crane Beak Strikes
6. Bent Wrist Strikes
7. Fu Jow
8. Cobra Hand


1. Heel Kick Sweep <Variation 1
2. Heel Kick Sweep <Variation 2 - Sweep from Reaching from the Moon


In Gokyu, Blue Bet, there are: 29 kicks and 2 kick combinations. These kicks will be used throughout the belt levels, and form the foundation for all of the kicks.

At this point in the students training they have learned 77 Kicks and 14 Kick Combinations for a total of 91 Kicks.

All kicks should be performed on both sides and when paooible should be preformed both with the front leg and rear leg.

1. Inside Front Kick
2. Spinning Side Kick
3. Spinning Outside Crescent Kick
4. Spinning Front Snap Kick
5. Spinning Front Thrust Kick
6. Spinning Inside Front Kick
7. Spinning Wheel Kick
8. Spinning Half Wheel Kick
9. Sliding Canted Side Kick
10. Sliding Front Thrust Kick
11. Sliding Front Snap Kick
12. Sliding Inside Front Kick
13. Jump Wheel Kick
14. Jump Side Kick
15. Jump Half Wheel Kick
16. Jump Spin Back Kick
17. Replacement Heel Hook Kick
18. Replacement Canted Side Kick
19. Replacement Outside Crescent Kick
20. Replacement Inside Crescent Kick
21. Replacement Half Wheel Kick
22. Replacement Inside Front Kick
23. Shuffle Half Wheel Kick
24. Shuffle Canted Side Kick
25. Shuffle Inside Front Kick
26. Flip Wheel Kick
27. Crossing Half Wheel Kick
28. Crossing Outside Crescent Kick
29. Crossing Inside Front Kick
30. Inside Crescent Kick/Side Kick Combination
31. Inside Crescent Kick/Back Kick Combination

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