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Purple Belt Basics

Belt Requirements > Beginning Levels > Purple Belt

Rokkyu - 6th Kyu
Purple Belt

The basics taught in Rokkyu, Purple Belt, are the foundation to the system and will be used in every belt level.


At this point in the students training they have learned 13 Stances.

1. Chinese Hidden Foot
2. Back Stance


At this point in the students training they have learned 21 Blocks.

1. Universal Block
2. Smother Block
3. Deflecting Block
4. Hooking Block
5. Trapping Block
6. Wedge Block


At this point in the students training they have learned 36 Strikes/Punches.

1. Eagle Claw
2. Scissors Strike <Variation 1 Backfists & Variation 2 Eye Darts
3. Corkscrew Punch <Variation 1 Straight & Variation 2 Circular
4. Reverse Hammer Fist
5. Reverse Tiger's Jaw
6. Ox Jaw
7. Eagle's Talon
8. U-Punch
9. Finger Flick <Variation 1 Finger tips & Variation 2 Back of finger tips
10. Inverted Punch
11. Spinning Backfist <Variation 1 Stationary & 2 Step-thru
12. Eye Rake


All kicks should be preformed on both sides and when possible should be preformed both with the front leg and rear leg.

In Rokkyu, Purple Belt, there are: 21 kicks and 6 kick combinations. These kicks will be used throughout the belt levels, and form the foundation for all of the kicks.

At this point in the students training they have learned 37 Kicks and 10 Kick Combinations for a total of 60 Kicks.

1. Check Kick
2. Half Wheel Kick
3. Scoop Kick
4. Flip Heel Kick
5. Replacement Side Snap Kick
6. Replacement Side Thrust Kick
7. Replacement Wheel Kick
8. Replacement Front Snap Kick
9. Replacement Front Thrust Kick
10. Inside Crescent Kick
11. Outside Crescent Kick
12. Spinning Canted Side Kick
13. Sliding Side Kick
14. Sliding Heel Hook Kick
15. Sliding Half Wheel Kick
16. Crossing Canted Side Kick
17. Crossing Heel Hook Kick
18. Crossing Front Snap Kick
19. Crossing Front Thrust Kick
20. Crossing Wheel Kick
21. Shuffle Outside Crescent Kick
22. Front Snap Kick/Heel Hook Kick Combination
23. Side Thrust Kick/Heel Hook Kick Combination
24. Side Thrust KIck/ Wheel Kick Combination
25. Side Thrust Kick/Heel Hook Kick/Wheel Kick Combination
26. Crossing Side Kick/Spinning Back Kick Combination
27. Front foot Wheel Kick <12 times around the clock


1. Instep Sweep <Variation 1
2. Instep Sweep <Variation 2

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