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Georgia Kenpo Karate
Teaching a Kenpo Karate System based on Tracys Kenpo

Why Choose a Georgia Kenpo Karate Studio?

If you are interested in the martial arts you owe it to yourself to check out Georgia Kenpo Karate. Our specialty is self-defense utilizing the art of Kenpo.

What  separates Georgia Kenpo Karate from all the rest are private lessons. Each student is assigned to a qualified instructor, and taught weekly private lessons. The advantages to private instruction is immense. There is none of the embarrassment of working with other students of varying skill levels. You advance at your own pace based on your abilities. Everyone learns differently and is built differently. In a private  lesson your instructor will customize your training.

Like golf or piano lessons, a martial art is best learned in a one on one situation with a professional  instructor. This is exactly what we do at Georgia Kenpo Karate.

Your instructor devotes your entire lesson time to you and your individual needs. This allows you to ask questions and learn at an advanced rate with the greatest level of understanding and detail. You can schedule your lessons at a time that is convenient to you, at the same time every week, or if necessary, varying the lesson time to best fit your needs.

Your instructor will help you set goals. Your instructor will help you keep on track and be successful. For a young student goal setting can be a valuable lesson in life!

A professional instructor can help you to safely experience what it feels like to be in a bear hug or a choke.

You will learn all the material during the private lessons. Besides private individual instruction, Georgia Kenpo Karate offers workout schedules that enable students to improve their physical conditioning while at the same time practicing their martial arts skills. Sparring, and stretching classes are also offered.

We offer all the advantages of a group class school only better.

If you ever need to take time off from karate for illnesses, vacations, business trips, etc, you pick right up where you left off when you return.

Check out the rest of this site to learn more about Georgia Kenpo Karate. If you are interested in a practical self defense system, you will be glad you did!
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