Purple Belt Techniques - Georgia Kenpo Jujutsu

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Rokkyu - 6th Kyu
Purple Belt


Rokkyu, Purple Belt, consists of 30 Self Defense Techniques and 32 Variations.

At this point in the students training they have learned 150 Self Defense Techniques and Variations.

The time requirement for Rokkyu, Purple Belt, varies from person to person, since each person advances at their own rate and is tested individually.

Technique Name
1. Striking Mace
Right punch
2. Crossing Talon (ABC)
Cross hand wrist grab
3. Circling Elbows
Bearhug from behind <Arms free
4. Locking Arm (AB)
5. Windmill Guard (AB)
(A) Right punch
(B) Left punch
6. Spiraling Wrist (AB)
Bearhug from behind <Arms free
7. Crash of the Eagle Part 2 (ABC DEFG HI)
Two hand choke from behind
8. Encircling Arms (ABCD)
Tackle from the front
9. Rising Elbow
Brarhug from behind <Arms pinned
10. Guarding the Wall (AB)
(A) Right punch
(B) Right punch from 3:00
11. Eagle Pin
Two man attack <Bearhug from behind arms free/Right punch from the front
12. Striking Fang (AB)
Right punch from 3:00
13. Shackle Break (ABC)
Double wrist grab from behind
14. Drawbridge (AB)
Shoulder grab <Right grab to your left shoulder
15. Full Nelson
Full Nelson
16. Fung Fu Cross
Left punch
17. Divided Swords (AB)
Right punch
18. Gift
19. Opening Cowl (AB)
Two hand choke from behind
20. Slicing Dragon
Right punch
21. Rolling Escape
Defense from a sitting position
22. Raising the Sword
23. Arm Hook (AB)
Right punch
24. Crossing the Sun (ABC)
Over head club
25. Attack from the Temple (ABC)
Offensive movement
26. Bowing to Buddha (AB)
Defense from a down knee position, against a knee to the face
27. Dart
Left Punch
28. Covering Talon (AB)
Two hand grab from the front
29. Wing Break (AB)
Shoulder grab <From 3:00
30. "U" Punch (AB)
Two hand choke from the front
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