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Yellow Belt Basics

Belt Requirements > Beginning Levels > Yellow Belt

Hachikyu - 8th Kyu
Yellow Belt

The basics taught in Hachikyu, Yellow Belt, are the foundation to the system, and will be used in every belt level.


In Yellow Belt there are 6 basic major and minor stances. These Stances form our foundation for all the Techniques in the system.

1. Square Horse <Training Horse
2. Side Horse
3. Fighting Horse
4. Hard Bow <With Strike
5. Full Bow <With Strike
6. Cat Stance


In Yellow Belt there are 8 basic major and minor blocks. These blocks form our foundation for all the Techniques in the system.

1. Inward Block
2. Vertical Outward Block
3. Extended Outward Block
4. Upward Block <Rising Block
5. Downward Block <Low Block
6. Parry
7. Forearm Pin
8. Cover Hand


In Yellow Belt there are 15 strikes. These strikes form our foundation for the Techniques in the system.

1. Reverse Punch
2. Back Fist
3. Heel Palm
4. Spear Hand
5. Sword Hand
6. Vertical Forearm Strike
7. Horizontal Forearm Strike
8. Reverse Elbow Strike
9. Drop Elbow Strike
10. 45' Degree Elbow Strike
11. Inverted Elbow Strike
12. Back Elbow Strike
13. Falf Fist
14. Forearm Sandwich
15. Open Finger Spear Hand Strike


In Yellow Belt there are: 11 kicks and 2 kick combinations. These kicks will be used throughout the belt levels, and form the foundation for all of the kicks.

At this point in the students training they have learned a total of 13 Kicks.

1. Front Snap Kick <Front and Back leg
2. Front Thrust Kick <Front and Back leg
3. Wheel Kick <Front and Back leg
4. Side Snap Kick <Front and Side
5. Side Thrust Kick <Front and Side
6. Back Thrust Kick
7. Snapping Back Kick
8. Crossing Back Kick
9. Front Kick/Back Kick Combination
10. Front Kick/Side Thrust Kick Combination
11. Knee Front
12. Knee Wheel
13. Drop Knee

Rolls & Reference Technique

In Yellow Belt we learn Attacking Circle to learn how to associate the clock with our moving patterns.

There two rolls in Yellow Belt.

1. Attacking Circle <Reference Technique using the Clock as a reference

2. Forward Roll <Over right shoulder and over left shoulder

3. Rearward Roll <Over right shoulder and over left shoulder

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