Blue Belt Katas - Georgia Kenpo Jujutsu

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Gokyu - 5th Kyu
Blue Belt


Long 2 Kata taught in Gokyu, Blue Belt, is another Basic Kata and is the Foundation for all of the Katas to come as well as the Techniques.

Short 3 Kata is the first Kata that is made up of our self defense techniques. The Techniques are done only on the power side.

At this point in the students training they have learned 5 Katas

Long 2

Section  1 <Block, Sword Hand, Heel Palm, Spear Hand
Section  2 <Block/Reverse Punch, Reverse Punch, Reverse Punch, Side Fist/Front Snap Kick
Section  3 <Universal Block, Hammer Fist, grab, 3 Back Fists
Section  4 <Down Block, Corkscrew Punch, Reverse Punch, Front Kick/Reverse Punch, Side Fist
Section  5 <Cross Smother Block, Rising Block, 3 Eye Strikes
Section  6 <Low Block, Twist Stance, Side Fist
Section  7 <Inside Wrist Block, Hook/Back Fist
Section  8 <Push Block, Step/Tiger's Claw
Section  9 <Punch, Inward Block
Section 10 <Step back, Drop Elbow Strike
Section 11 <Forearm Sandwich
Section 12 <Double Elbow Strikes
Section 12 <Single Uppercut, Close

Short 3

Section  1 <Two Headed Serpent
Section  2 <Transition
Section  3 <Circling Elbows
Section  4 <Opening Cowl
Section  5 <Crash of the Eage Part 2 (H)
Section  6 <Crossing Talon
Section  7 <Heel Hook
Section  8 <Bridging the Gap
Section  9 <Headlock (A)
Section 10 <Locking Arm (A)
Section 11 <Shackle Break (C)
Section 12 <Silk Wind
Section 13 <Advancing Phoenix
Section 14 <Front Bear Hug (C, A)

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