Holds & Hug Techniques - Georgia Kenpo Jujutsu

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Techniques Grouped by Attack

Holds & Hug Techniques
There are 12 Self Defense Techniques and 6 Variations for a total of 18 Self Defense Techniques and Variations from Hachikyu, Yellow Belt, to Godan, 5th Degree Black Belt, that defend against Holds & Hugs.
1. Heel Hook
2. Front Bearhug (ABCD)
3. Knee Lift
4. Driving Elbows (AB)
5. Circling Elbows
6. Spirling Wrist (AB)
7. Rising Elbow
8. Full Nelson
9. Spreading the Leaves
10. Eagle's Talon
11. Breaking the Staves (AB)
12. Leaping Monkey
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