Wrist Grab & Handshake Techniques - Georgia Kenpo Jujutsu

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Techniques Grouped by Attack

Wrist Grab & Handshake Techniques
There are 22 Self Defense Techniques and 19 Variations for a total of 41 Self Defense Techniques and Variations from Hachikyu, Yellow Belt, to Godan, 5th Degree Black Belt, that defend against Wrist Grab & Handshake Techniques.
1. Twisting Talon (AB)
2. Breaking the Sword
3. Grasping Talon (AB)
4. Raising the Staff
5. Rocking Elbow
6. Anvil (ABC D)
7. Crane Leap (ABCD)
8. Crossing Talon (ABC)
9. Shackle Break (ABC)
10. Gift
11. Raising the Sword
12. Reversing Grasp (ABC)
13. Bending the Limb
14. Crossing the Lock
15. Shooting Star
16. Pushing the Circle (ABC)
17. Chinese Thumbscrew (AB)
18. Lunging Elbow (AB)
19. Twisting Wrists
20. Twisting Palms (AB)
21. Sweeping Tiger Claws
22. Twisting the Rod

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