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Tim Teausant
(10th Degree Black Belt)

One of Tracy's earlier Black Belts

Master Teausant began his study of martial arts in 1960. He received his black belt in Shotokan in 1963, and earned another one in Tae Kwan Do in 1968, in Portland, OR. He studied with Will Tracy and received his black belt in 1972. Master Teausant was part of the original group of just a handful of studios that formed the nucleus of the Tracy System. When he was with the Tracy's he was introduced to Joe Lewis, who was the World Heavy Weight Kick Boxing Champion, and at one time a national director for Tracy's. Master Teausant started training with Joe Lewis in 1972, and that started his kick boxing career. He was Joe Lewis's sparring partner for many years. At that time, it meant going all out. In 1974, Master Teausant left the Tracy organization and branched out on his own to open the first Joe Lewis Karate Studio in Portland, OR.

Master Teausant trained the Gresham Police SWAT team, the Portland Police, the Oregon State Police, and the Clackamas and Multnomah County Sheriff Departments. He also wrote and developed a general self-defense course for women in 1975, and then re-developed it in 1999 for the Oregon State Rape Prevention and Montana State Rape Prevention program in Kalispell, MT. Recently, he was promoted to Master degree by Grand Master Al Tracy.
Grand Master Teausant's Awards and Accomplishments
1972U.S. vs. British Columbia Champion
1972Kick Boxing Champion
1973Kick Boxing Champion
1974Kick Boxing Champion
1974Seattle Open Karate Champion
1975Kick Boxing Champion
1975Pacific Northwest Top Competitor
1976Kick Boxing Champion
1977Pacific Northwest Top Instructor of the Year
1979Top Trainer in the Northwest
1980Most Respected and Well-Known "Master" in the U.S. by Joe Lewis
1985Masters Degree from Academy of American Fighting Artists by Jerry Beasley and Joe Lewis, Redford, VA.
1985One of the Top martial artists in the book Who's Who in American Martial Arts
1986Masters Degree from Dr. Jerry Beasley, founder of the World Martial Arts Group, Redford, VA
1987Rated in Combat Karate Magazine Top Master in the Northwestern States
2001Promoted to Kudan (9th Degree Black Belt) on 08/11/2001 By: Al Tracy. Certificate Number: B-902-2
2010Promoted to Judan by the U.S. Black Belt Association 05/08/2010 - Certificate Number: B1210831
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