Multiple Opponents - Georgia Kenpo Jujutsu

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Techniques Grouped by Attack

Multiple Opponents

There are 21 Self Defense Techniques and 12 Variations for a total of 33 Self Defense Techniques and Variations from Hachikyu, Yellow Belt, to Godan, 5th Degree Black Belt, that defend against Multiple Opponents.
1. Opponent at Sides (ABCD)
2. Eagle Pin
3. Attack from the Temple (BC)
4. Wrap Arounds (CD)
5. Folding Wings
6. Flowing Hands
7. Whirling Blades (AB)
8. 2 Man Swinging Gate (AB)
9. Sweeping Branches
10. Knee Sweep
11. Kung Fu Wrist
12. Stone Warrior (AB)
13. Wizard (AB)
14. Chinese Junk
15. Twisting Staves (AB)
16. Twisting Knee (ABC)
17. Covering the Moon
18. Two Man Crashing Elbows
19. Twin Cobras
20. Japanese Cross
21. Covering Tiger Claws
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