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What is Kenpo Karate

People always ask the question: What is Kenpo Karate? Well there can be lots of answers depending on who you are talking to at the time you ask the question. Some might say it is an awesome art with no equal. Some might say it's a combination of many styles and systems and that it's hard to learn because there is so much to it.

I've heard Kenpo described so many ways it's really hard to define what it is. While checking out some of the other Kenpo Websites I found a definition that truly describes Kenpo Karate. This definition was found on the San Jose Kenpo Website.

Kenpo Karate is an art created by ancient Samurai Warriors of Japan, to deal with the most severe self defense situations.  It is the only self defense art taught today that is designed to protect the individual by any and all means necessary. Kenpo, by its powerful philosophy and devastating hand techniques, enables the individual to use enough force necessary to dissuade, disable, injure, or neutralize the assailant.

You can call Kenpo Karate a lot of things and describe it many ways, but the above definition describes Kenpo Karate the best.

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