Yellow Belt Techniques - Georgia Kenpo Jujutsu

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Hachikyu - 8th Kyu
Yellow Belt


Hachikyu, Yellow Belt, consists of 10 Self Defense Techniques, of which 4 have multiple variations.

At this point in the students training they have learned 14 Self Defense Techniques and Variations.

The time requirement to complete this level, varies from person to person since each person advances at their own rate and is tested individually.

Technique Name
1. Japanese Sword
(A) Left punch
(B) Right punch
2. Chinese Sword
(A) Right punch
(B) Left punch
3. Triple Cuts
(A) Right/Left punch
(B) Left/Right punch
4. Delayed Sword
Right punch
5. Knee of Vengeance
Two hand lapel grab
6. Fang of the Cobra
Two hand choke from front
7. Twisting Talon
(A) Right grab to left wrist
(B) Right grab to right wrist
8. Breaking the Sword
9. Kenpo Shield
Right or left punch
10. Evasion
Overhead club
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