2nd Brown Techniques - Georgia Kenpo Jujutsu

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Nikyu - 2nd Kyu
2nd Degree Brown Belt


This is the middle of the intermediate levels and the time requirement for Nikyu, 2nd Degree Brown Belt, Varies from person to person, since each person advances at their own rate and is tested individually.

Nikyu, 2nd Degree Brown Belt, consists of 30 Self Defense Techniques and 17 Variations.

At this point in the students training they have learned 343 Self Defense Techniques and Variations.

Technique Name
1 Hidden Fist
Opponent's left grab to your right shoulder from 3:00
2. Rocker
Cross hand push from the front
3. Circling the Sun (ABCD)
Left/Right punch
4. Leveling the Clouds
Left punch
5. Plucking a Bird from the Sky
Right punch
6. Wizard (AB)
Two man attack: Man at 12:00 and a man at 3:00
7. Monkey Elbow (AB)
Right punch from 3:00
8. Striking Asp (AB CD)
Two hand grab high
9. Shooting Star
Hand shake
10. Pushing the Circle (ABC)
Straight on wrist grab
11. Circles of Gass
Left/Right punch
12. Japanese Hands
Opponent's right push to your left shoulder
13. Water Wheel (AB)
Right punch
14. Tumbling Clouds (ABC)
15. Rising Kick
Right punch
16. Crane Kick
Left or right punch; oppenent's left leg forward; kicking combination
17. Sweeping Serpent
Rght kick/Right punch
18. Covering the Flame (AB)
19. Cobra and the Mongoose
20. Chinese Junk
Two man attack: Man in front/Man in back
21. Dance of the Mongoose
Roundhouse club on the back swing
22. Offer of Dust
Club poke to the mid-section
23. Ming's Sword
24. Chinese Fan
25. Locking the Gate
26. Water Fall
Right punch
27. Prance of the Tiger
Left/Right punch
28. The Rake
Right punch
29. 3 Tongues of the Dragon
Right punch
30. Blocking the Sun (AB)
(A) Left Punch
(B) Left/Right punch Combination
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