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Arcing Blades

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Featured Technique

Arcing Blades "A"

Arcing Blades is the 21st Self-Defense Technique in Blue Belt.

This technique is for a right punch where the opponent steps with his right foot as he punches.

Basics Used: Front Snap Kick, Inward Block, Cover Hand, Sword Hand Strikes, Vertical Forearm, Tiger's Claw Strike.

Targets Attacked in Arcing Blades: Groin, Right side of opponents neck, chin, nose.

It really does not matter which foot opponent has forward.

Your opponent approaches you.

The opponent starts to execute a right punch.

Throw a right Front Snap Kick to opponents groin. As you kick pivot CCW 45 degrees and throw a right Inward Block across your body to the inside of the opponents right punching arm as you use a Cover hand with your left hand.

Plant your right kicking foot down to 12:00 between the opponents feet as you drop your weight into a right Sword Hand Strike to the right side of the opponent's neck, Your left hand is cocked beside your left ear.

After the right Sword Hand continue to pivot and drop your weight as you deliver a left Sword Hand Strike to the right side of the opponents neck, as you Chamber your right hand beside your hip.

Pivot 45 degrees CCW to face 12:00 into a solid Fighting Horse Stance, as you deliver a right Vertical Forearm to opponents chin.

After the Vertical Forearm Strike, rip straight down with a Tiger's Claw through the opponents face.

After the Tigers Claw you should be in a Fighting Horse Stance.

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