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Gift  is the 18th Self-Defense Technique in Purple Belt.

Handshake attacks are quite common and are usually sucker movements. Never, Never shake hands with someone you do not trust or have been a fight situation with.

In all handshake attacks there are two things you must guard against.
  1. The opponents left hand
  2. The opponents kick or knee strike

Although this is a fairly simple technique it uses several basics.

The basics used: The heel/toe cross step to protect your groin, left hand wrist grab, bicep strike, Full Bow Stance to throw opponent, Wheel Kick.

The targets for the strikes are: Opponents wrist, elbow, and face.

The opponent facing you offers to shake your hand.

As you shake his hand he attempts to throw a left punch

Strike the back of the opponents wrist with your open left hand to give you momentum for the strike that follows. As your left hand strikes and sweeps across to 1:30 step across the centerline to 1:30 with your left foot to protect your groin. As you step sweep the opponents hand and arm high as you strike with your bicep to the back of the opponents elbow, as you pull his hand down against the bicep strike.

This should break or at the very least hyper-extend his elbow. You can also use the flat of your left elbow against the opponents elbow.

Sweep back CW with your right foot 180' to 10:30 keeping control of the opponent's hand. As you sweep apply force against the opponent's right elbow with your left elbow and forearm.

This will whip the opponent around.

Throw a right Wheel Kick to the opponent head or mid-section.

After the kick plant your kicking foot down to a defensive fighting stance

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