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Kimono Grab

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Featured Technique

Kimono Grab "A" Version

Kimono Grab is the 12th self defense technique taught in Orange Belt

Kimono Grab is a Classic Kenpo Self Defense Technique. Theoretically either of the first two movements should end the fight. But sometimes things can go wrong during an attack, i.e. the elbow break is missed or ineffective, or the Sword Hand to the throat has missed it's target or was ineffective. That's why in Kenpo there is a degree of overkill in the techniques. The object of the combinations in Kenpo is to put you in a position to continue to deliver an effective attack to the opponent if your first attack did not work.

Kimono Grab is a classic technique to demonstrate how one movement leads automatically to another. At no time should you be in a position where you cannot deliver an effective follow-up.

The weapons you use in Kimono Grab are: The Forearm Pin, Upward Forearm elbow break, inward forearm strike and clear, Sword Hand, Forearm Sandwich, Hammer Fist, and Thrusting Back Kick.

The Targets attacked in Kimono Grab are: The elbows, forearms, throat, sides of the head, and groin or chest.

The stances used in Kimono Grab are:  The Fighting Horse Stance, and Soft Bow Stance.

Attack: Two hand lapel grab high, or two hand choke.

As the opponent grabs your lapel or grabs you in a two hand choke.

Your left open hand reaches over top of opponents right arm and grabs the wrist of his left arm, and pins the opponents arms to your chest.

Step straight back about 32" into a fighting horse stance. This should pull your opponent off balance and allow you to create distance between you and your opponent helping neutralize his attack, and also straighten out his arms and elbows.

As soon as you step, your right forearm (Horizontal to your body, hand in a fist) strikes up against the opponents elbows Hyper-extending or breaking one of both of them.

After the forearm strike, your right arm circles in a large CCW circle, as you pivot your body slightly toward 1:30. Pivot back toward 12:00 as your right arm finishes its CCW circle and in a downward motion strikes the opponent's arms at the bend of the elbows.

Drive both arms down and into you or clear them to the left side. Your right forearm will end up horizontal against your stomach palm facing up.

Your left hand releases it's grip on the opponent's arms and covers. Chop straight back with a swordhand to opponent's throat as the left hand continues to cover.

Shuffle forward with the right foot about 12" to 12:00 between the opponent's legs. Strike with a right Horizontal Forearm Sandwich to opponent's head.

The left hand from the cover position strikes the right side of the opponent's head at the same time the forearm strikes the left side of his head.

Pivot about 180 degrees and drop into a slight right Soft Bow Stance. Your right hand from the Forearm Sandwich strikes downward in a CCW circular motion to strike with a Hammer Fist to the groin. While the left hand goes to a Cover position.

From the soft bow stance throw a Thrusting Back Kick to the opponent's groin or body.

After the Thrusting Back Kick you can step forward with the kicking leg and clear out from the opponent into a fighting stance.

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