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"I will never forget the day I was awarded the rank of black belt. Master Munk didn’t just hand me a black belt; He handed me his own black belt. I knew then beyond a doubt just how much my success had meant to him. I can think of no better Instructor than the one who sincerely wants you to succeed."

April Robinson, Shodan, 2007

Master Munk is as gifted an instructor as he is a martial artist. His knowledge, skill, and patience have made it a pleasure for me to learn from him. He motivates his students to be the best that they can be while maintaining a cool demeanor. Any martial art student would be extremely lucky to be able to learn from Master Munk."

Adam T., Blue Belt, 2007

Finding Grandmaster Munk and Georgia Kenpo has truly been a "lifesaver".

Our son had been training with a local school for about three years when they stopped offering Kenpo. Our son really wanted to continue his training but there were no other Kenpo schools or instructors nearby. We were so happy when we finally found Georgia Kenpo, located about an hour away, and our son has been training with Grandmaster Munk ever since.

As an advanced belt at his previous school and proficient in what he had been taught, we believed that our son had the necessary skills to defend himself or others. It wasn't until he started training with Grandmaster Munk that we found that wasn't true. At his previous school, when they demonstrated different self-defense techniques, the "attacker' was not really acting as an actual assailant but rather as an "assistant". Their job was to make it easier for the student to demonstrate the technique not to show that it actually worked. When our son was asked to demonstrate his past self-defense techniques at Georgia Kenpo, he found they didn't work. When confronted with someone acting like an actual attacker, the techniques were not effective. It was at that point that we understood that his previous training had been more for show and that many martial arts schools are more interested in making money than ensuring their students gain useable survival skills.

Georgia Kenpo is very diferent from his previous school in knowledge and what is offered. Grandmaster Munk has attained the highest rank in the style and has over forty-two years of Kenpo knowledge and experience. As a retired police officer, he has also used Kenpo successfully in real world situations not just on the mat. Georgia Kenpo also has an actual written curriculum which assures that each student learns the same materal. The techniques taught are actually effective and receiving a new rank is about demonstrated proficiency not about collecting additional fees. Private lessons are also offered outside of group class so that each student can get the individualized attention they need which allows each student to move at his or her own pace. All the school's students are very dedicated to their own training but also extremely encouraging, helpful and supportive of each other. From the instructors to the students, there are no egos here.

We are so thankful that we found Georgia Kenpo. We never thought our son could learn directly from a teacher of Grandmaster Munk's caliber. Grandmaster Munk sets an amazing example and personifies everything a true martial artist should be. He is extremely knowledgeable, humble and always patient. His main objective is to make his students the best they can be and teaches and motivates them in a fun and engaging way. He has taught our son things we never knew existed and helped him perfect what he was doing right and tweaked and fixed what he had been doing wrong. The amount of knowledge our son has gained since leaving his previous school is truly unbelievable. His katas now have power and useable techniques, and his sparring is at a level we never thought posssible.

We are finally confident that our son is learning how to save his own life or the life of someone else.

Thank you so much Grandmaster Munk!

Dawn Kortobi 2018

In April 2009, I stepped into a dojo for the very first time - I was 45 years old. My instructor knew my ‘life experience reason’ for being there so it was clear that I was serious and ready to begin Kenpo Karate training – my very first taste of Martial Arts. At the time, I worked in a profession that was open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; so, I trained mostly in the evenings. I practiced diligently and it slowly paid off each time I earned a new belt rank. My training, though, seemed erratic. Sometimes I would leave the studio feeling on top of the world while other times I questioned if I even wanted to pursue this any longer.

Over the next few years, I experienced many ups and downs with my instructor including his closing the studio only to reopen a few months later … several times. Having nothing to compare this to, I returned time after time in hopes to continue this journey that had so quickly become my new passion. In April 2013, I reached 2nd Degree Brown Belt level. Soon thereafter, my instructor told me if I wished to continue under his instruction (only 2 belts away from Black) my monthly fee would be $100.00 more than what I’d been paying over the past few years due to the difficulty level of the upcoming belts. I was left with no other option - we parted ways …

I was devastated.

One random night in July 2013, my husband came home announcing he had found another Kenpo Karate instructor in the area and had already met with him. He continued, “And I made an appointment for you to meet him tomorrow!” Although I was hesitant, I honored the appointment. This was the day I met Pat Munk of Georgia Kenpo. After holding a very candid discussion for a couple of hours, I scheduled my first class for the following week. Together, we devised a plan. For the first time, I received clear, concise explanations of the required curriculum, his role as the instructor and my accountability and responsibility as the student. It didn’t take long for me to realize I was standing in front of a man with over 40 years of experience as a Kenpo Karate instructor who spent decades applying his training as a police officer. A true professional. His knowledge and credentials were quite intimidating; yet, his demeanor remained consistent, calm and humble. Whenever I asked a question, he would respond by ‘showing’ me the answer instead of just telling me. Although I may not have been fully prepared for every single class, I did leave the studio every single time feeling ‘encouraged.’ This was a big change for me. My faith in myself and my trust in my instructor was coming back and coming back strong!

Through a little blood, lots of sweat and a few tears, I achieved Shodan in June 2015.

It may have taken several years, but I am so grateful to have found the right instructor --- and now, more than ever, I understand how crucial that really is. My journey continues with Kenpo Karate and Master Munk is still by my side. He has inspired and helped me more than he will ever know. He is my example, mentor, instructor and big brother … He is the real deal.

“Sometimes the Martial Arts can break your heart, and only another Martial Artist can fix it.”

Thank you, Master Munk.

Linda Fisher, Shodan, 2018

In 2013 I was introduced to Grand Master Munk when I was searching for a new Kenpo Instructor.

In our initial meeting Master Munk took the time to get to know me as a person and then wanted to understand my goals in regards to Kenpo. We discussed my previous training and he assured me he would get me back on track to continue my Kenpo training. Master Munk discussed his views on Kenpo, reviewed the structure of the training classes, and the requirements for advancing through the Kenpo system with the ultimate goal of achieving the highest standard, 1st Degree Black Belt.

In my first training class I was very apprehensive in demonstrating my ability to perform. Master Munk reviewed the techniques and katas from my most recent promotion, Green Belt. Master Munk's feedback was positive, however it was apparent to him that I lacked the knowledge of the basics which are the foundation of the Kenpo System. While I was somewhat disappointed, I knew I was with the right instructor and my Kenpo training would begin on a whole new level.

As my training continued with Master Munk I quickly recognized he genuinely cares about his students, and can see their potential. Master Munk could have started my training at Yellow Belt, however he chose to begin my training at 3rd Degree Brown Belt. He routinely reviewed, tweaked the basics, techniques, and katas from the lower belts up through and during my preparation for my 1st Degree Black Belt test. His encouragement, patience, and persistence made me want to train even harder.

I am very proud to say on August 8, 2018 I was promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt. As a 58 year old wife, mother, and grandmother this achievement is beyond what I ever thought I could accomplish. Master Munk believed in me and my ability to attain this most difficult and challenging rank.

Master Munk it has been an honor having you as my instructor and I look forward to my future training with you in the Kenpo System.

Thank you Grand Master Munk!

Debbie Collier, Shodan - Kenpo 2018

From the first time I met Grandmaster Munk and saw him perform a kata, I knew that I had finally found the right place and right teacher. I had originally trained at another school, but in all my time there I had never seen a kata done with so much power. I never thought that I would ever meet someone of his rank, so it took me awhile to wrap my head around the fact that he was now my teacher. Master Munk has an unbelievable amount of knowledge and skill and the combination of private lessons, as well as group classes, has made all the difference. He is both an amazing martial artist and an excellent teacher which in my experience is very hard to find. If you don't understand something, he breaks it down until you do.  Also, if you are doing a technique wrong, he shows you why the correct way works and why what you're doing wouldn't. He has an extensive curriculum, and unlike my previous school, the techniques actually work. He has a great sense of humor so besides learning amazing things, each class is a blast! His other students are also very caring and supportive so it is a great place to learn. I couldn't ask for a better teacher or a better place to train! I finally feel prepared to defend myself or others. Georgia Kenpo is the best!

Thank you Grandmaster Munk!

Salim Kortobi, Brown Belt, 2019

I started my journey with Grandmaster Munk the summer of 2013 along with my husband. One of the best decisions I have ever made. I have earned my belts and the discipline that comes with them. It hasn't been easy, but I sure do love a challenge. Not long after starting Kenpo I learned that Grandmaster Munk has the patience of a Saint. I am a bit clumsy and I have the attention span of a gnat. A year or two into my classes I dislocated my left femur. Then a year or so later I fell down a flight of cement stairs nearly breaking my back. I also learned breakfalls don't work on stairs. LOL.

His passion for Kenpo is demonstrated throughout every class or even when you just need to ask questions. He taught us from the beginning that there will come a time you have to give back to your community. It's something that normally takes place when you've reached a certain belt. You see I'm not that far into the system, but far enough to know that helping my community couldn't wait. Someone in my Kenpo world needed a kidney. I was tested and I was a match! Another "best decision I have ever made" statement!

I'm not sure where you get your teachings from, but I believe I am where I'm supposed to be. I have the most awesome Grandmaster and Kenpo family. We are all taught together (on group night) no matter your belt color. When we walk into the class we are all one. We aren't the same, nor are we taught the same, but we are one. Love my Kenpo family. We love, laugh, struggle and fight together.

Sharon Moodispaugh, Green Belt, 2019

In 2013 my wife and I met Master Munk, and I started my Kenpo journey. Most of my life I have been athletic but I was not ready for the mental and spiritual education I was about to receive. As a child I always wanted to learn the martial arts, but what discipline? A close friend of ours was learning Kenpo and from time to time she would tell me about the things she was doing. The more I heard the more interested I became and so did my wife. After meeting Master Munk and talking with him about Kenpo we decided this is the martial art for us.

Meeting Master Munk and starting Kenpo was one of the most pivotal moments in my life. I grew up in a big family, fighting a lot with my brothers, geting into scuffs as you do growing up, and as an adult I was even a bouncer in a bar for a time; to say the least I got into some fights there as well. Master Munk was honest and forthcoming with what was expected of me as a student and a martial artist. One of the things I love about Kenpo is the way Master Munk teaches you individually, but at the same time teaching anyone in the room who is willing to learn. He takes the time to teach you your technique and then we fine tune the technique. Master Munk also on more then one occasion will re-teach the technique for those of us who just seem to have a mental block for the ones we don't like.

I am currently working on my Shodan, one of the toughest things I have ever done, reviewing my old techniques and katas. It's interesting to see the difference in how I do techniques now, compared to the way I first learened them. Master Munk has told us that this is the progression of Kenpo and we are truly learning to use Kenpo. This will help in the development of learning our techniques more deeply, so someday we can teach them to our own students. The things I have learned in Kenpo not only teach me self defense, but also how to deal with unexpected things in life in general. Kenpo has changed my life, and is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Whould I do it again if I had the chance? Yes the only regret is not doing this earlier in life.

Brian Moodispaugh, 2014, 1st Degree Brown Belt

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