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Flashing Wings

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Featured Technique

Flashing Wings

Flashing Wings is the 17th self defense technique taught in Green Belt, and is the 4th technique in the #4 Kata

The weapons you use in Flashing Wings are: The Inward Block, Horizontal Forearm Strike, Elbow Strike, Sword Hand Strike, Ridge Hand Strike.

The Targets attacked in Flashing Wings are: The forearms, floating ribs, kidneys, back of head or shoulder can be used instead of kidneys, back of neck, bridge of nose.

The stances used in Flashing Wings are: The horse Stance, and Full Bow Stance, Soft Bow Stance.

Attack: Right Punch

It doesn't matter which leg the opponent has forward but the technique is usually taught with the right leg forward


The opponent starts to throw a right punch.

As the opponent steps with his right foot and   throws a right punch, your left foot steps forward to 11:00. Pivot your body about 45 degrees CW as you throw a left inward block to the outside of the opponent's right punching arm. As you block, your right hand chambers at your right side.

Strike forward to 12:00 with a right CCW Horizontal Forearm Strike as you pivot into a Full Bow Stance.

The forearm strike goes through the opponent's right rib cage, as you open your left hand from the inward block.

Strike with the point of your right elbow back to 3:00 to the right side of the opponent's kidneys.

* This strike could also be delivered to the back of the opponent's head to force him to bend forward.

**You could also strike the opponent to the shoulder if he is taller than you to bend him forward.

As you strike with your right elbow, strike in the opposite direction with your left elbow to give you maximum power to the right elbow strike.

Up to this point you will have been facing 12:00 for all the movements and strikes. Next Sword Hand Strike with your right hand in a CW motion to 3:00 to the back of the opponent's neck.

Your right hand continues its CW motion through the opponent's neck and ends up by your right side, and chop with your left hand in a CW motion to the back of the opponent's neck to 3:00 as you drop your left knee into a soft bow stance your body will be facing 6:00.

Pivot your body back 180 degrees CCW to face 12:00 and Sword Hand Strike with your right hand, palm facing up, in a CCW motion. The strike will go to 12:00 to the bridge of the opponents nose, as your left hand covers.

A right Ridge Hand strike to 12:00, to the bridge of the nose can be substituted for the final Sword Hand.

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