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Delayed Sword

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Delayed Sword

Delayed Sword is the 4th Self-Defense Technique in Yellow Belt.  Although this is a fairly simple technique it uses several basics.

The basics used are the Fighting Horse Stance, the Cover Hand, the Inward Block, the Cat Stance as a transition stance, a Front Snap Kick, and a Sword Hand Strike.

The targets for the strikes are the radial nerve of the punching arm, the right side of the opponent's neck, and the groin.

This technique is used against an opponent who is attempting to hit you with a right step punch.

As the opponent throws a right punch, it does not matter which foot the opponent has forward. It is usually taught with the opponent stepping in with the right foot.

Step straight back ... With your left foot ... To 6:00 ... As you step back ... Throw a right inward block ... to 10:30 ... To the inside of the opponent's right punching arm ... Your left hand will be in a cover position.

Your right foot draws back ... To 6:00 ... Into a cat stance ... You will be facing 12:00 ... As you are drawing into the cat stance the right blocking hand rakes down the radial nerve clearing the punch past the left side of your head ... From this position

Throw a right Front Snap Kick from the Cat Stance to 12:00 to the opponent's groin.

After the kick

Plant your right foot down straight forward to 12:00 between the opponent's legs.

As you plant down and from the Inward Block, strike forward with a right Sword Hand palm facing out to 12:00. To the right side of the opponent's neck and throat as your left hand covers.

This is a great self-defense technique it's very quick and effective and is the basis for techniques that follow in later belts.

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