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Darkness is the 15th Self-Defense Technique in Blue Belt. It is a standard reference technique.

The basics used are the heel to toe step, Windmill Parry to the Side, Heel/Toe Horse Stance, Eagles Talon Strike, Heel Palm Strike, Backfist, Side Thrust Kick, and a Forearm Sandwich Strike.

The targets for the strikes are the eyes, kidneys, mastoids, back of right knee, sides of the head.

This technique starts with the opponent standing to your right at 3:00

The opponent attempts to throw a right punch.

As the opponent steps in with his right foot and throws a right punch - you step approximately 6 inches to 2:30 with your right foot.

Note: your toes of your left foot and the heel of your right foot will be directly in line, this is our classic heel/toe step used for punches from the side.

As you step with your right foot your open left hand parries across your body and contacts the punching arm of the opponent.

After your left hand makes contact with the outside of the opponents punching hand the back of the right hand will make contact with the outside of the punching arm and will continue the parry past your body. The right hand should parry just past your shoulder.
Note: At all times during the Windmill Parry either your left or right hand will maintain contact with the opponents arm for control.

After the double parry, your left foot steps forward past your right foot to 1:30. This will put you behind the opponent.

Pivot your body 180 degrees. You'll be facing 4:30 in a Square Horse Stance.

Strike with a left heel palm strike between the opponents shoulder blades or to his right kidney, as you rake across the opponent's right eye with a right Eagle's Talon Strike.

The right hand slices through the opponents eye stopping next to your left ear

Next throw a right back fist strike to 7:30 to the back of the opponent's head to his mastoid.

Do not snap the backfist, this should be a power strike to knock the opponents head forward

After the backfist strike throw a right thrusting side kick to 7:30 to the back of the opponents right knee.

Continue the forward motion of the thrusting kick to drive the opponents knee into the ground.

Note: This will buckle the opponent back into you.

As your opponents knee strikes the ground strike with a right Forearm Sandwich to the right side of the opponents head.

After the Forearm Sandwich strike you can clear the opponent away from you by allowing him to fall forward to the ground with or without assistance, and moving to a defensive position behind him.

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