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Ray Arquilla

Kenpo Profiles

Ray Arquilla

10th Degree Black Belt
Founder of: Iron Dragon Kosho Shorei Kenpo System

#3 Master from Great Grandmaster James Mitose

One of Al Tracy's earlier Black Belts.

Grandmaster Ray Arquilla started training in martial arts in 1965 under the Tracy Kenpo System. He earned his 1st Black Shodan in 1972. He reached Judan 10th degree Master status in 1992. He holds the rank of #3 Master from Great Grandmaster James Mitose.

Grandmaster Arquilla is the Head Master of the Iron Dragon Kosho Shorei Kenpo System. The Iron Dragon system teachings include the complete Tracy Kenpo system, Northern Hung Gar Gung Fu, Southern Hung Gar Gung fu, Tai Chi, Tang So Do, Chinese and Japanese Weapons as well as the study of Kosho-Shorei, Mitose. The system also includes many unique Iron Dragon techniques and forms created by Grand Master Arquilla.

Grand Master Arquilla has been teaching at his current Roseville location for over 14 years.  Grandmaster Arquilla has been in training with law enforcement for over 30 years. He has been employed with the Department of Corrections for over 15 years as the Head Senior Master Trainer for the state of California. Master Arquilla is the most certified Senior Trainer in California Corrections System.

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