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Dancer is the 9th self defense technique taught in Orange Belt

The weapons you use in Dancer are:  The Sword Hand Strike, and the Ridge Hand Strike.

The Targets attacked in Dancer are: The groin.

The stances used in Kimono Grab are:  The Fighting Horse Stance, and Twist Stance.

Attack: Two hand choke from behind.

The opponent grabs you from behind in a two hand choke.

With your right foot cross step behind your left foot and in front of the opponent about 18" to 9:00 as you prepare to strike opponent with a Sword Hand Strike. This cross step opens the centerline of the opponent's body exposing his groin.

While in the twist stance facing 12:00, strike straight back to opponents groin with a swordhand strike.

Duck your head low in a CW twisting motion and pivot your body CW.

Continue the CW pivot. This will cross the opponents arms putting his left on top of his right and will weaken his grip.

As you continue the CW pivot to 180' step toward 7:30 with the left foot

Continue the CW pivot while stepping behind your left foot with your right ending up with the opponent at 1:30. You will have your left side forward toward opponent. This stepping motion will put you at a sufficient distant from opponent.

Dancer is one of the simplest and most effective techniques against a two hand choke from behind.  Dancer forms the basis for many of the other self defense techniques against a two hand choke from behind.

Teaching Principle:  The weakest point of  any grip are the thumbs this combined with the twist of the body that will get you out of the opponent's choke.

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