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Kung Fu Cross

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Kung Fu Cross

Kung Fu Cross is the 16th Self-Defense Technique in Purple Belt.

Kung Fu Cross is a defense against a left step punch and requires you to grab the punching arm.

Anytime you try to grab a punch there is always the chance you will miss the grab. In the case that you miss the grab we have to do one of two things.

We can have a follow-up technique or we can neutralize the attack with distance. In Kung Fu Cross we use distance in case the grab of the wrist is missed to control the opponent.

The opponent approaches you.

The opponent starts to throw a left step punch.

As the opponent completes his punch you step back to 5:30 with your right foot to a Fighting Horse Stance, as you execute a left Extended Outward Block to the outside of the opponent's left punching arm. Your right hand Chambers as you block.

Grab the opponent's left wrist from the outside of his arm with your left. As you grab his wrist rotate his left wrist CW about 90' to put the opponent's left elbow pointing towards the ground.

After you rotate the wrist step forward and across the centerline of the opponent to 10:30 to protect your groin.

As you step strike up with your right arm which is bent to form a 90' angle, as if throwing an uppercut, to the outside of the opponent's elbow, as you strike up slam down with your left hand to break the opponent's left elbow.

Retain your grip with your left hand as you strike down with a right Hammer Fist Strike to the opponent's groin.

Push the opponent's left arm away from your body to move his arm out of the way for the follow up strike.

Deliver a right backfist strike to opponent's face.

After the opponent is on the ground maintain a defensive stance.

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